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Ragdoll Savior Ragdoll Savior

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Very buggy, but will be good if you fix.

This is very buggy. I will name some so you can fix;
-When you complete a level the music carries on playing twice at a time
-On free mode you can pull players through the wall
but, this game is very enjoyable and I recommend that you fix the bugs then it will be even better. I hope my review was helpful.
and btw please reply. and frags5000, I didn't vote 8 :P

unbelivable responds:

This is not VERY buggy, it has a few bugs but what game dosent? the music thing. that never happens for me, its probably your old flash player, on free mode, yeah but it takes a while, so what? this shouldent be a problem,
Bottum line this flash does not deserve your ugly rating of five, you need to learn how to review.

Interactive Buddy v.1.01 Interactive Buddy v.1.01

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I think this game is fun, but it is too easy. make the buddy harder to please and make the characters have different personalitys.
Get a baseball,
keep dropping them over the buddys hands.
overall its an addicting game.

Free Rider 2 Free Rider 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A very addictive game

I like 2 things about this game: It is addictive, AND it is playable. One word: GREAT.
The pause button is very useful for autos :)
Here is a great auto that I made, use a mountain bike lol :D
-1e 18 -r 1i -7 1s g 27 19 2k 21 32 2q 3f 3l 3t 4k 4c 5j 4s 6n 5k 7q 6d 92 7b a5 86 bb 92 ci a0 dq av f4 c0 ge d1 hp e3 j4 f6 kg ga ls he n8 ij om jp q4 l1 ri m9 t0 nh uf op vu q1 11f r9 131 sg 14j tm 165 us 17p 101 19e 113 1b5 122 1cs 12s 1eg 13h 1fq 13v 1h5 14a 1hs 13t 1i8 137,1kp 17u 1ka 18k 1jp 19c 1j5 1a2 1id 1ao 1hh 1bd 1gi 1c5 1fi 1d3 1ed 1e8 1da 1f8 1c2 1gb 1an 1hh 19b 1io 17t 1k1 16f 1lb 150 1mn 13g 1o3 120 1pg 10g 1qu v0 1sd te 1tr rs 1va q8 20n oi 21v mp 22t kv 23h j5 23u hd 242 fs 23q em 23d,1km 17v 1la 17p 1m0 17o 1ml 17n,1kj 183 1kv 17m 1lb 177 1lr 16r 1mb 16l 1mg 176 1mf 17m,51 22q 4s 23d 56 241,as 2jb av 2jv b0 2kk b1 2l9 au 2lv ah 2mj 9u 2n4 9a 2nh 8m 2nr 7u 2o2 75 2o2 6e 2nr 5n 2nb 56 2mm 4o 2lo 4g 2kq,2d 2o7 30 2o9 3d 2nr,-5 33a -4 33t,b 34a t 348 17 33m,-3 33o 6 347,c2 4le bs 4ma bn 4na bf 4oc b4 4pc ap 4qc a4 4r8 95 4ru 84 4sc 74 4si 62 4sf 56 4s4 4g 4rd 48 4qh 46 4pi 4a 4oi 4k 4ng 51 4md 5i 4ld 64 4kh 6v 4jm 7s 4j2,1pr 4jj 1q8 4k5 1qk 4km 1qu 4l7 1r1 4lq 1ql 4m9,-2ot -tb -2ol -ts -2o2 -u3,1ev 4gj 1f1 4g1 1fj 4fo 1g6 4fu,1b0 4bm 1bb 4b5 1br 4aj 1ck 4a2,1b1 4bj 1ak 4c5 1a9 4cn 1a3 4da 1a2 4du 1ah 4eb 1ah 4dk 1aa 4cu,24c 440 24m 44f 24l 450 246 456,20a 4em 20d 4fc 20k 4g4 20u 4gq 21f 4hc 227 4hn 233 4hu 241 4i0 24u 4hu 25r 4hq 26m 4hh 27e 4h2 27v 4gf 28a 4fm 28d 4eu 28c 4e7,20u 4h0 21u 4h0 235 4gv 24f 4gt 25s 4gr 275 4gp 287 4gm,21c 4hf 22j 4hd 242 4hb 25k 4h8 272 4h6 28j 4h7,21m 4hn 22h 4hm 23k 4hm 24q 4hl 260 4hl 273 4hl 287 4hl,20e 4gh 21q 4gh 23b 4gi 24k 4gi 267 4gh 27f 4gg 28r 4ge#20e 4g2 27v 4g0,202 4fh 28l 4fe,20a 4f2 28n 4er,27g 4el 27d 4h1,26n 4eo 26p 4hd,260 4er 260 4i9,25a 4eo 25c 4hn,24q 4eo 24m 4hs,242 4eh 241 4hu,23i 4em 22l 4gd,23i 4eh 23b 4ie,22s 4e4 22i 4hq,226 4er 21r 4hq,21i 4eq 210 4h3,20r 4f7 20p 4gn,212 4it 20o 4mq,1vr 4j4 24e 4j6,24h 4iv 23v 4nd,246 4lh 26a 4l7,268 4il 288 4ke,26h 4iq 267 4n3,27n 4j9 27d 4ng,27q 4jc 2bk 4jb,27n 4l7 29r 4l5,27g 4ne 2bs 4n9,210 4nt 20e 4oj 213 4oi,20e 4ol 20t 4p9,21m 4pc 22b 4o6 23b 4ph 23i 4o9,23s 4o4 246 4oj,23t 4o3 25o 4og 24c 4pc 246 4og,267 4o8 263 4po 27b 4pl,27v 4ob 27n 4oo 27p 4pv 28g 4q0 28o 4os 289 4o8 281 4o8,297 4o8 28v 4pl 2ak 4pc,2ae 4oe 2c8 4oq 2at 4q9 2ca 4q0#O 25i 4gb,O 24o 4g3,O 23h 4fl,O 20i 4ep,O 20s 4fd,O 224 4gi,O 22i 4he,O 22q 4hh,O 25i 4hg,O 26i 4h1,O 27i 4gd,O 27s 4g3,O 27t 4fl,O 27o 4fb,O 27l 4f1,O 27d 4eu,O 273 4f5,O 26k 4fb,O 25r 4fq,O 24o 4ff,O 23q 4fa,O 23g 4ff,O 231 4gd,O 231 4gi,O 22i 4gt,O 229 4h4,O 23q 4hb,O 24p 4gt,O 255 4gi,O 26a 4fn,O 26q 4eh,O 26l 4f1,O 257 4f5,O 23r 4go,O 22n 4gg,O 232 4f5,O 21d 4f3,O 21l 4go,O 236 4fv,O 23r 4g6,O 24j 4g8,O 24k 4g8,O 253 4g8,O 257 4g8,O 25r 4g8,O 263 4g8,O 266 4g8,O 27j 4g6,O 252 4gb,O 255 4g3,O 25l 4g9,B 26q 4g5 84,B 27h 4g8 8c,B 27t 4g8 8e,B 1c6 4ah 1n,B 1bm 4b5 1k,B 1b7 4br u,B 1ae 4cn 1b,G 1b2 4bo 5d,G 1ap 4c0 5c,G 1pi 4k4 a9,G 1q3 4ko a5,G 1qe 4le ac,G 1qn 4lt a4,B 78 4jn 1j,B 62 4l4 18,B 5c 4mb t,B 4r 4nh o,B 4l 4or c,B 4g 4q1 e,B l 34f 2h,B 5b 2mh aq

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~EnV~Chaoz Fantasy RMX ~EnV~Chaoz Fantasy RMX

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Nice remix, btw there is a folder in the fl directory where it stores your overwrited projects so you havent really deleted it. hope I helped.

Final Summer Final Summer

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


im not trying to be an asshole here but it really wasnt the best, but it was still fairly good. Again, im not trying to be an asshole, so dont get mad at me

Michael425 responds:

haha, no, it's cool man. I don't even think this song is the best.

thanks for your review.

ParagonX9 - Chaoz Fantasy ParagonX9 - Chaoz Fantasy

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

You are great

Lol you are brilliant, you should think about joining the fl beta team.
btw HOW do you make such great beats?

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